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Complete Line of Swingarm & Chassis Components

Swingarm and components on the fastest Pro-street bike, the quickest Pro-street bike and the fastest land speed bike.

Terry McIntosh has been in the motorcycle chassis business for 36 years, and during that time he’s not only built quite the clientele list, but also a reputation for industry leading products.

Grayson Motorsports is the high-performance inspiration of Glenn Grayson who grew up with a history of motorsports in Western Kentucky. Glenn's passion has continued to build over the years and now Grayson is able to apply his manufacturing/supply background to Motorcycle Dragracing.

This alliance will be a huge win for both McIntosh & Grayson as they work together to create innovative new products in addition to the popular line of existing McIntosh products. These include Swingarm, Axle Adjusters, Chain Guards, Hayabusa Rear Set, Grudge Shifters, Engine Components, Penske Shocks and much more.


A pioneer in the sport

Al Fastdaze Deloney

Totally pleased by the service you guys offer.

Kevorn Thorington

Best product in the industry…well worth the wait. From front to back my bike is built with McIntosh. Couldn’t be happier.

Michael A Berardinelli

excellent job and for a very good price.

Jason Herron

Very friendly, excellent quality, and very satisfied

Dustin Chatterton







We have the right Swingarm for you!

Our Grom swingarms are 6″ over stock, have a 3 position shock mount that is smooth in any position, and come powder coated gloss black. Uses your OEM rear axle and axle adjusters

Customize Your Suzuki Hayabusa

Hayabusa Rear Sets move your pegs back approximately 3” and down approximately 1”. They use your OEM master cylinder and come with brake pedal, shift lever, and shift linkage rod.

Switching to a low profile front tire?

 We've got fender lowering brackets for some of the most popular bikes. Starting at just $42 you can lower your fender in proportion to your tire and gain clearance under your triple tree clamp.

Rear Brake Reservoir

Now you can eliminate the bulky reservoir & hose hiding in your subframe, by replacing it with our Suzuki Rear Brake Reservoir. Attaches directly to your rear master cylinder.